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Have you ever wanted to share what we experience at camp with a close friend?  Maybe a friend who is in Awana with you but didn’t quite finish their book?  We know you have worked very hard to get to this very special camp and those of you that have already registered are the cream of the crop!!


What if we could encourage your friend who isn’t quite as diligent as you?  What if they came to camp just this once and saw how exciting it was and went back on fire for the Lord and ready to work next year to earn the right to come back…. And the next… and the next?  We’ve been talking with other camps across the nation and they have tried this one time opportunity and it has helped to encourage more to come back to Awana and built their camp numbers at the same time. 


So here’s how it works…. YOU must work fast.  Think of that church friend you have… You know the one… Would he or she love to come to camp?  If so call them right now!  If they can come and have the funding to come then the rest is up to you.  You can vouch for them. 


You must begin the process by filling out an online voucher form recommending your friend for DLC.    

Once the voucher is complete, your friend will receive an email with a link to fill out a camp application. 

In their application they will need to provide a pastoral reference.  

Once that is complete, they are good to go!



Here are the qualifications.  This friend must be:


A Friend you have known well for 1 year or more.

A Friend you can personally attest to their character and willingness to serve.

This friend must also adhere to our camp policies and procedures and complete the necessary forms just like any other camper.


This is a one time offer for 1 friend per registered camper.  They will have the same fun week as you!  But if they wish to return the next year then hopefully they will be encouraged to finish the requirements to come.


(Friend Rates are the same as regular campers, without the book requirements)


If you are interested in this offer then fill out the information below.  Please call our camp registrar or Pastor Ray if you have any questions. 





Your Camp Director,

Pastor Ray Williams

(423) 877-9118



 Once you have completed all the required fields for this form click submit.  If your form  does not appear to send, please double check all fields to make sure nothing is missing and try again.  You should get a Thank You Screen once your application has been submitted. 

For Friend Application Click Here
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