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Bonus Team Points!

Several Ways for you to earn extra points for your team this year!
1.  Bring in items for our camp store.  10 Bonus Points!  
Please only bring individually wrapped items. 
For example:
  • 6 pack of hershey bars, or any other variety. 
  • 6 pack of skittles, starburst or other variety. 
  • 6 Pack of Individual packs of Mini Cookies (i.e. oreos) or Cheezits (or like)
  • Please do not bring the small mini sizes of candy bars.
  • Concession size items only.  No CHIPS please. 
You will turn these in at check in and receive a ticket to give to your counselor for your contribution.  (You may bring in as much as you feel led but we will Limit 1 ticket per person)
2.  Bring in items for our Missional Emphasis:
Rhea County Sheriff Department (Foster Care - Family Crisis Unit)
They are in need of care packages for children removed from their homes during Family intervention and domestic abuse. 
10 Bonus Points for your team! 
2 packs of any of the items below:
  • Toothbrush and travel child's toothpaste
  • Small (new) stuffed animal that can fit in your hand
  • A fidget type toy
  • Doodle pad with small pack of crayons or colored pencils
  • Small Packages of Animal Crackers/Gummies



You can bring in as much as you want but will only receive
20 Points bonus Max per person (10 for snacks 10 for RCSD items)





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